Grundfos Alpha1 L 25-65 130 - Circulating Pump

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Grundfos ALPHA1 L 25-65 130 Central Heating Pump

Product number 99199582

  • Commercial heating
  • Domestic central heating
  • Industrial heating

ALPHA1 L can be used as stand-alone or integrated circulator pump in existing systems as replacement or in new systems with either variable or constant flow rate.  The pump automatically controls the differential pressure by adjusting the pump performance to the actual heating demand without the use of external components, thus avoiding:

• too high energy consumption
• irregular control of the system
• noise in thermostatic valves and similar fittings.

The speed can be controlled by a low-voltage PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal. High-efficiency ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) pumps, such as ALPHA1 L, must not be speedcontrolled by an external speed controller varying or pulsing the supply voltage.

Features and benefits
• three constant-curves/constant-speed curves.
• radiator heating mode.
• underfloor heating mode.
• speed control via a low-voltage PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal profile A (heating). The PWM signal is a method for generating an analog signal using a digital source.
• low EEI (Energy Efficiency Index).
• deblocking device.
• maintenance-free.
• low noise level.
• very simple installation.


Grundfos ALPHA1 L 25-65 130 is a high-efficiency circulator pump with permanent-magnet motor (ECM technology).

The pump features three control modes; radiator heating mode, underfloor heating mode and constant curve/constant speed.

Furthermore, the speed can be controlled by a low-voltage PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal.

The pump has a ceramic shaft and radial bearings, carbon thrust bearing, stainless-steel rotor can, bearing plate and rotor cladding, composite impeller, all of which contribute to long life, and the pump is self-venting, which contributes to easy commissioning as well as simple selection of control mode.

The compact design featuring pump head with integrated control box and control panel fits into most common installations as well as boilers.

The pump and motor form an integral unit without shaft seal. The pump is of the wet-runner design. This means the bearings are lubricated by the pumped liquid. These constructions ensure maintenance-free operation.

The pump housing is made of cast iron and is electrocoated to improve the corrosion resistance.

The motor is a synchronous permanent-magnet rotor/compact-stator motor. The pump controller is incorporated in the control box, which is fitted to the stator housing and connected to the stator via a terminal plug. Features ALPHA1 L

  • Three constant curves/constant speed.
  • Radiator heating mode.
  • Underfloor heating mode.
  • PWM profile for heating applications (profile A). The PWM signal is a method for generating an analog signal using a digital source.
  • Energy-optimised, complies with the ErP directive
  • Unblocking screw, accessible from the front of the control box.
  • Runs reliably and efficiently under even the most demanding conditions
  • Adjustable and flexible installer plug, with two possible cable gland positions.

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