Planed Timber

Planed Timber - Planed Timber is used for all those finishing touches.  Shop our full Range today.Buy online for Click & Collect or Delivery (FREE on all orders over €250). Please note all timber on our website are listed in nominal measurements.
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Planed Timber

Planed Timber is a versatile category of timber products used for various finishing touches in construction and woodworking projects. Brooks Online offers a wide range of top-quality planed timber products at low trade prices, with hassle-free returns and delivery or Click & Collect options.

Practical Uses

Planed timber is often used for the following practical purposes:

  1. Mouldings: Planed timber mouldings are used to add decorative elements and finishing touches to various structures, furniture, and interior designs.

  2. Trim and Edging: The various sizes of planed timber available, like 19mmx50mm, 22mmx75mm, 22mmx100mm, and more, are ideal for trim work, edging, and framing applications.

  3. Building Construction: Larger sections of planed timber, like 22mmx150mm, 22mmx175mm, and 22mmx225mm, are used in structural elements, including beams and rafters.

  4. Carpentry and DIY Projects: Smaller dimensions are popular choices for various carpentry and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects.

Selecting the Appropriate Planed Timber

Choosing the right planed timber for a specific use case is essential to ensure the success and longevity of your project. Here are some guidelines to help you select the appropriate planed timber:

  1. Application: Determine the purpose of the timber – whether it's for decorative mouldings, load-bearing beams, or general carpentry. Each application requires specific dimensions and strength.

  2. Wood Type: Consider the wood species available and their properties. For example, Red Deal (Pine) is commonly used for mouldings, while Whitewood is suitable for various indoor and outdoor applications.

  3. Size and Thickness: Depending on your project's requirements, choose the right size and thickness of planed timber. Thicker sections are suitable for structural elements, while smaller dimensions are more suitable for decorative or light-duty applications.

  4. Quality: Ensure that the planed timber is of high quality, with smooth surfaces and minimal imperfections. High-quality timber will provide better results and a professional finish.

  5. Quantity: Calculate the required quantity accurately to avoid material wastage and additional costs.

  6. Finish: Decide whether you need planed timber with a smooth finish or a specific profile to match your design preferences.

Shopping and Delivery

Brooks Online provides a user-friendly platform to browse and shop for planed timber. Products are listed in nominal measurements. Customers can choose between Click & Collect or Delivery options, with free delivery on orders over €250.

If you're unsure about the best planed timber for your project, you can contact Brooks Online's Customer Support at [email protected] or via our online chat.

When shopping, keep in mind the specific practical uses and project requirements for the planed timber. Whether you need mouldings, trim, structural elements, or carpentry material, the right choice will ensure a successful outcome for your construction or woodworking endeavors.