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Insulation Rolls

Welcome to the Insulation Rolls category on, where we offer a wide variety of insulation roll products to suit your specific building and insulation needs. Insulation rolls are essential for creating energy-efficient and comfortable living spaces by reducing heat loss and improving soundproofing. Below, we explore the various types of insulation rolls available and provide guidance on selecting the appropriate one for your specific use cases.

Types of Insulation Rolls

Insulation rolls come in various materials, thicknesses, lengths, widths, and coverage options. Our selection at caters to a range of insulation requirements, from thermal to acoustic solutions.

Thermal Insulation Rolls

Our Rockwool Roll Batt options are perfect for thermal insulation in residential and commercial buildings. The Rockwool Roll Batt 400mm X 4800mm 100mm is designed to fit between standard joist spacing, making it an ideal choice for loft and roof insulation. With its excellent thermal resistance, Rockwool also provides sound absorption properties.

Acoustic Insulation Rolls

For enhanced soundproofing, consider our Isover Acoustic APR 1200 Partition Rolls. These are specifically engineered to improve the acoustic comfort of a building by reducing the transmission of noise between rooms and floors. With a range of thicknesses from 25mm to 100mm, these rolls are suited for partitions, walls, and floors where sound insulation is critical.

Spacesaver Insulation Rolls

The Isover Spacesaver Roll is another highlight of our category, offering a thinner profile without compromising on insulation performance. These rolls are particularly useful for projects where space is at a premium but thermal efficiency cannot be sacrificed. Available in 100mm to 200mm thicknesses, these rolls provide flexible options for different insulation specifications.

Practical Uses

  • Rockwool Roll Batt: Best used for loft, attic, and ceiling insulation, and can also be used for partition walls.
  • Isover Spacesaver Roll: Ideal for insulating between the joists of timber frame properties and can be used in floors and walls for thermal efficiency.
  • Isover Acoustic APR 1200 Partition Roll: Perfect for soundproofing interior walls, home theaters, studios, and between floors in multi-story buildings.

Guidance on Selection

When selecting insulation rolls, consider the following factors:

  • Thermal Requirements: Choose a higher R-value (thickness) for areas that require a high level of thermal resistance.
  • Acoustic Performance: If noise reduction is a priority, opt for rolls specifically designed for acoustic insulation.
  • Space Constraints: In tight spaces, consider spacesaver options that provide adequate insulation without bulkiness.
  • Coverage Area: Calculate the area you need to cover to determine the length and number of rolls required.


Insulation rolls are a versatile and effective solution for enhancing the energy efficiency and comfort of any building. By considering the material, thickness, and specific insulation needs of your project, you can select the perfect product from our range at Whether it's Rockwool Roll Batt for thermal insulation or Isover Acoustic APR for soundproofing, we have the right roll for your needs.

Browse our full selection of insulation rolls to find the perfect fit for your project and ensure a well-insulated, energy-efficient, and comfortable space.