Stainless Steel Cylinders

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Hot Water Cylinder

We offer a diverse range of top-quality products at competitive prices. Our selection of Stainless Steel hot water cylinders caters to various plumbing needs, ensuring you find the right solution for your hot water requirements. Explore our extensive collection, benefit from hassle-free returns, and enjoy nationwide delivery or convenient Click & Collect from any of our stores nationwide.

Stainless Steel Cylinders

Practical and Durable

Stainless Steel Cylinders are renowned for their durability and resistance to corrosion, making them an ideal choice for hot water storage. The category includes cylinders of different sizes and configurations, each designed to meet specific needs.

Immersion Heaters for Quick Heating

Consider our range of cylinders equipped with immersion heaters for quick and efficient water heating. Ideal for residential and commercial applications, these cylinders ensure a reliable and rapid supply of hot water.

Gravity Twin Coil Cylinders

Explore our selection of Stainless Steel Indirect Gravity Twin Coil Cylinders, combining the benefits of stainless steel durability with the efficiency of twin coil systems. These cylinders are perfect for homes with diverse hot water requirements, providing flexibility and optimal performance.

Vented Cylinders for Different Capacities

Our Vented Stainless Steel Indirect Cylinders come in various capacities, ranging from 750mmx450mm to 1500mmx450mm. These cylinders are suitable for both small and large-scale applications, ensuring that you have access to hot water based on your specific capacity needs.

Choosing the Right Cylinder

When selecting a hot water cylinder, consider the following factors:

  • Capacity: Choose a cylinder size that aligns with your hot water demand.
  • Heat Loss: Evaluate the heat loss characteristics to ensure energy efficiency.
  • Coil Configuration: Decide between single and twin coil options based on your heating system requirements.
  • Brand and ERP Class: Explore cylinders from reputable brands, each classified based on ERP standards.

Shop with Confidence

At Brooks Online, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Sign in for trade prices, enjoy hassle-free returns, and take advantage of our nationwide delivery services. If you need assistance or expert advice, our customer support team is ready to help. Shop with confidence and find the perfect Stainless Steel Cylinder for your hot water needs.

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