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Shop online with Brooks & view our large range of internal doors, Our range covers everything from traditional to modern designs. We also have a wide range of ironmongery for those finishing touches. Shop Today!
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The best way to update your home is by updating the doors. The right door can make all the difference in a room. Not only does it complete the look of your space, but you also get to choose how much light gets into that room and what kind of style you want to go for. We have a wide selection of internal doors for sale at Brooks, available in many different colors, styles, and sizes. The price is right too- most average around €200! You can't find better quality or prices anywhere else. We also have a wide range of ironmongery for those finishing touches. Browse our range and find the doors to create the perfect feeling in your home.

Storage & Handling

Please adhere to below points when storing your door before hanging.

  • Doors must be stored flat (Never on edge or on end) in a dry, well ventilated enviroment.
  • Under no circumstances should they be stores in a damp, freshly plastered rooms - exposed to moist conditions will cause swelling of the components and consequent distortion of the door.  Polythene or protective wrapping must remain on the door as long as possible.
  • Natural finish doors must be stored in a way that wholly or partly exposes them to daylight.  Exposure to ultra violet light can cause fadingor discolouration of the timber and veneers.
  • Doors should be conditioned to the prevailing environment before hanging and should not be exposed to abnormal heat, extreme dryness, high humidiy or sudden changes of temperature.
  • It is essential that all doors should be sealed or knotted and primed on both faces, all four edges and cut out such as locks immediately after delivery.  End grain must be completely protected as this is where the moisture can cause swelling, splitting or warping.



When installing your new door the following points should be noted:

  • Ensure the properties where the doors are to be hung is completely dry, particularly freshly plastered rooms.
  • Three hinges should be fitted to all doors es[ecially doors where large differences of temperature or humidity on opposing faces can be expected like in bathrooms or airing cupboards.  Alway use good quality steel or brass.
  • any ironmongery should be fitted prior to the door being hung.
  • Rebating of double doors is not possible without nullifying the guarantee.


In order for a door to retain it's appearance and prolong it's life a course of regular maintenance is recommended.  Annual inspection should be made & touching up carried out as necessary to prevent timber for deterioration.

Cleaning frosted glass.  Care is required with this glass as it can be marked easily by pets or by finger prints.  Cleaning is recommended with warm water & a sponge.