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Welcome to the Gas Boilers category on, where we offer a wide range of high-quality gas boilers suitable for various heating needs. Whether you're a homeowner looking to upgrade your heating system or a trade professional seeking reliable products for your projects, you'll find everything you need in our extensive selection.

Types of Gas Boilers Available

We categorize our gas boilers into several types to meet different requirements:

  • System Boilers: Perfect for homes with more than one bathroom, providing hot water through a cylinder.
  • Combi Boilers: Ideal for smaller homes and apartments, combi boilers provide hot water and heating on demand without the need for a separate water tank.
  • Heat Only Boilers: Also known as regular or conventional boilers, these are suited for homes that already have a traditional heating and hot water system.

Flue and Installation Accessories

To complement our boiler offerings, we provide a variety of flue options and installation accessories, including:

  • Horizontal and vertical flue kits for flexible installation.
  • Flue extensions, elbows, and brackets to accommodate different building layouts.
  • Weather collars for slate/tile and flat roofs, ensuring a secure and weatherproof flue installation.

Selecting the Right Boiler

When choosing a gas boiler, consider the following factors to find the most suitable option for your needs:

  • Size and Output: Match the boiler's kW output to the size of your property and the number of bathrooms to ensure efficient heating and hot water supply.
  • Energy Efficiency: Look for boilers with high ERP ratings to reduce energy consumption and lower your utility bills.
  • Space Requirements: Combi boilers save space by eliminating the need for a separate cylinder, while system and heat only boilers may require additional room for water storage.

Our featured gas boilers include models from leading brands like Ideal and Vitodens, known for their reliability, efficiency, and advanced features. Some of the standout products include:

  • Vitodens 100-W Boilers: Available in various outputs with touch screen controls for easy operation.
  • Ideal Logic and Vogue Max Boilers: Offered in different sizes to suit any home, with options for both combi and system configurations.

Why Shop with Us

  • Expert Advice: Our team of gas boiler experts is available to provide guidance and recommendations tailored to your specific needs.
  • Trade Prices: Sign in to access exclusive trade prices across our entire range.
  • Nationwide Delivery and Click & Collect: Choose the most convenient option for you, with hassle-free returns for peace of mind.

For more information or to discuss your gas boiler requirements, please call us on 01 4190099 or email us. Our products are available for in-store purchase, ensuring you get the personal service and expert advice you deserve.

Explore our Gas Boilers category today and take the first step towards a more efficient and comfortable home.