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Interior Doors

How to Choose the Right Interior Door for Your Home

When it comes to choosing interior doors for your home, there are many things to consider. From material and style to door hardware and frame, there are a lot of details that go into picking the right door for your space. But don't worry, we're here to help! In this buyer's guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about choosing an interior door. So whether you're looking for new regency doors or a modern black door, our door range has internal doors to suit you!


Choosing an Interior Door Material

One of the first things you'll need to decide when picking an interior door is what material you want it to be made from. The most popular options are wood or glass. Each has its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks that you'll need to consider before making a decision. 


Hollow Core: Typically made of plywood, fibreglass or moulded composite skin & the inside is hallow. Sound & heat can pass easily through hallow core doors. These can also become punctured or dented when struck harshly.


Solid Core: typically made of plywood, fibreglass or any moulded composite skin but the inside is filled with a wood fibre blend because of this it is heavier and provides more substantial sound and temperature control.


Glass Interior Doors

Glass interior doors are perfect for creating an airy and open feel in your home. They let in natural light and can make small spaces feel brighter and bigger. If privacy is a concern, frosted or opal laminated glass doors offer more privacy than clear glass while still letting in plenty of light. One downside of glass doors is that they're more delicate than other materials and can break more easily. They also require more frequent cleaning to prevent fingerprints and smudges from tarnishing their appearance. 


Choosing an Interior Door Style

Once you've decided on a material, it's time to start thinking about style! There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing an interior door style but some of the most popular options include French doors, pocket doors and sliding doors. 



  1. Do you want a traditional, modern or contemporary look?
  2. Do you want to introduce more light into a corridor or room?
  3. Do you want a timber or painted finish?
  4. Do you want to match doors? (matching doors will provide a sense of flow to your home. If the doors do not match the overall feel can appear inconsistent.)



White Primed Doors

Oak Doors

Walnut Doors

Grey Doors

Black Doors

Glass Doors



What are the main functions you want your door to perform?

  • Privacy
  • Noise reduction
  • Temperature control
  • Ventilation
  • Providing light yet controlling temperature
  • temporarily separating spaces
  • Visual statement



See below options for fitting doors, Sliding & Pocket are perfect for rooms with limited space.







Door Size

Doors come in a range of standard sizes.

You can make small adjustments to these standard sizes. Please note adjustments over the recommended amounts will compromise the integrity of the door.

Off standard sizes can be ordered in but they will cost more and there is a longer time frame for delivery as these are specially made.



Your budget is a big part of choosing your door. Hollow core doors are cheaper but solid core doors are more durable & will last longer. Keep this in mind when choosing.


Finishing Touches

The doors hardware will complete the overall look of the door. You will need to consider a suitable style and finish that fits your particular door.

You can choose from a range of knobs, lever on rose or lever on plate. Do you require a lock mechanism or tubular latch? We also recommend 3 hinges for hanging all doors.


Storage & Handling

Please adhere to below points when storing your door before hanging.

  • Doors must be stored flat (Never on edge or on end) in a dry, well ventilated environment.
  • Under no circumstances should they be stores in a damp, freshly plastered rooms - exposed to moist conditions will cause swelling of the components and consequent distortion of the door. Polythene or protective wrapping must remain on the door as long as possible.
  • Natural finish doors must be stored in a way that wholly or partly exposes them to daylight. Exposure to ultra violet light can cause fading or discolouration of the timber and veneers.
  • Doors should be conditioned to the prevailing environment before hanging and should not be exposed to abnormal heat, extreme dryness, high humidity or sudden changes of temperature.
  • It is essential that all doors should be sealed or knotted and primed on both faces, all four edges and cut out such as locks immediately after delivery. End grain must be completely protected as this is where the moisture can cause swelling, splitting or warping.



When installing your new door the following points should be noted:

  • Ensure the properties where the doors are to be hung is completely dry, particularly freshly plastered rooms.
  • Three hinges should be fitted to all doors especially doors where large differences of temperature or humidity on opposing faces can be expected like in bathrooms or airing cupboards. Always use good quality steel or brass.
  • any ironmongery should be fitted prior to the door being hung.
  • Rebating of double doors is not possible without nullifying the guarantee.


In order for a door to retain it appearance and prolong its life a course of regular maintenance is recommended. Annual inspection should be made & touching up carried out as necessary to prevent timber for deterioration.

Cleaning frosted glass. Care is required with this glass as it can be marked easily by pets or by finger prints. Cleaning is recommended with warm water & a sponge.


Now you know which type of door you need, view our wide range of internal doors & fire doors, we have all the latest trends so you will find the right internal doors for you.


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