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Rough Timber
Our rough timber is Sitka Spruce softwood grade to C16 and FSC® certified.


  • Roofs
  • Multiple uses around the home
  • Multiple uses in Industry
  • General Construction Use

Treated Timber
Our treated timber is Sitka Spruce softwood grade to C16 and protim treated to allow for use in exposed conditions and FSC® certified timber.


Planed Timber (PAO)
Our planed all over timber is imported Spruce softwood machined to give a high quality planned whitewood for internal use.
Planed wood is sawn timber which has been planed down until it's smooth, and is meant for use where it can be seen.

SMARTPLY OSB3 is a highly engineered, moisture resistant load-bearing panel designed for use in humid conditions and is therefore ideal for many structural and non-structural applications in both internal and protected external environments. It is the perfect choice for roofing, flooring, wall sheathing, site hoarding and many other applications where strength and moisture resistance are paramount
All SMARTPLY OSB3 products are manufactured using formaldehyde-free resin.

Hardwood Faced Plywood – These are suitable for structural applications (CE2+) Species for humid conditions (EN636/2). Hardwood plywood refers to any panel product in which the face of the panel is made of hardwood veneer. Hardwood plywood panels are perfect for hundreds of end use applications.
Some of the more common uses are finished furniture, cabinets, casework, doors, fixtures and displays, and a wide variety of other industrial, residential and DIY applications.

Marine Plywood
Marine Plywood is manufactured from durable face and core veneers, with few defects so it performs longer in humid and wet conditions. Its construction is such that it can be used in environments where it is exposed to moisture for long periods.
In external use it is recommended that all edges face and back are sealed with a suitable sealant.
Manufactured with fully waterproof (immersion and boiling water tested) WBP phenolic glues.
Marine Ply can be used in domestic applications on walls, floors that are overlaid with tiles and for fascia and soffits
This is construction grade Marine PLY so not suitable for boat building. It does not comply to BS-5268.

Shuttering Ply
Shuttering plywood is suitable for concrete shuttering, site hoarding, roofing or flooring. Constructed with high quality phenolic adhesive WBP - Water and Boil Proof standards (also known as Weather and Boil Proof). Shuttering plywood has a quality pine face with a softwood core.
In situations where it is intended to be covered after installation for example on a flat roof under felt, shuttering plywood is generally used. Shuttering plywood should be sealed with varnish or similar if it is to be used in wet or exposed locations.

Birch Plywood
Birch plywood is constructed from multiple layers of thin veneers to create a strong and durable multi-ply panel. Its excellent strength to weight ratio make it ideal for use in construction, furniture and packaging.
Birch Plywood is a high-quality construction material with an excellent durability and resistance to moisture.
The interior plywood is easy to work with; it goes perfectly well with finish materials. It is water resistant, however it is not recommended to use it for exterior finish.
This material is ideal for interior use.


MDF (Medium-density-fibreboard)

MDF produced from wood fibres that are compressed and bonded together with a special designed resin under pressure. Excellent face properties make it suitable for the thinnest laminates and surface coatings. End-users enjoy consistency of quality and thickness, as well as reduced tool wear. MDF is suitable for use in internal dry conditions

Medite MR is a moisture resistant MDF panel designed for use in humid conditions so is ideal for applications such as kitchen and bathroom furniture, window and skirting boards and architectural mouldings.

Fire Retardant MDF panel products are suitable for use as wall linings, partitions, display panels, ceilings etc. Typical installations are: hotel foyers, offices, public libraries, schools, court houses, hospitals and cinemas. Medite FR products are not suitable for external or structural applications, or where exposure to water or high relative humidity may be encountered Medite FR products are suitable for use in internal dry conditions.

Painted MDF mostly used for backs & bottoms of drawers. It is a thin ptinted MDF board with different layers of paint applied with a roller. Water based paints are used for thin printed MDF due to their small effect upon the environment, which makes this a fully recyclable product.


Melamine Chipboard - consists of two external MDF faces and a chipboard core coated with a decorative film impregnated with melamine resins. This enables perfect cutting, significantly reducing the eventual likelihood of surface chipping and increases working tool service life.