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Formwork Plywood

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Ainsworth Pourform

Savona (Ainsworth) Pourform-107 concrete-forming panels have earned a 40-year reputation as the world’s most dependable and popular high-quality MDO panel. Engineered for exceptional strength and reusability.

Pourform-107 is overlaid on the panel face with a unique, olive green-coloured phenolic resin-impregnated overlay (with the highest percentage of free-flow resins of any MDO panel available). The overlay is bonded to the panel face under high heat and pressure. This forms a hard, durable surface that resists abrasion and moisture and makes the panel easy to strip from concrete surfaces.

This overlay also protects the wood substrate from the rigors of site construction, including exposure to water and alkali solutions. Pourform-107 panels produce a non-architectural matte concrete finish uniform in colour, with moderate grain/patch transfer

Pourform-107 should give from 10-15 reuses. This will vary according to application, service conditions, form maintenance and handling, and form release quality.

Phenolic Face Plywood

Black Film Faced Plywood is made from poplar veneer, overlaid with Dynea coated paper, edges and sealed to give a moisture resistant board. It has a high load baring capacity and due to its strength it is ideal for formwork and will keep its shape regardless of changes in humidity.


WISA-Form MDO is a spruce based product for various formwork applications. The light weight of the panel makes it easy to handle and medium density overlay on the face gives a constant matt finish to the concrete surface.

It is light weight with a smooth matt finish. It also has good striking properties
Used for horizontal formwork, vertical formwork & special formwork

It is bonded with weather resistant glue according to EN 314-2/class 3.

Plywood Buyers

Plywood is an extremely versatile product. It is used for a wide range of interior, exterior and structural applications - from shuttering formwork through to internal finish grade plywood.

Plywood is basically a number of thin pieces of wood bonded together to produce a flat sheet. The biggest differences between each type of plywood are:

1. The overall thickness (6mm, 12mm, 18mm etc)

2. The type and quality of timber used (Birch, hardwood etc) and

3. The grade and certification standard of plywood specified (BB/BB, CE2+ EN636/2 etc)