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Pipe Insulation Category Overview

When it comes to plumbing, ensuring that pipes are properly insulated is crucial for a range of reasons, including energy conservation, protection against freezing, and noise reduction. Pipe insulation, also known as pipe lagging provides a layer of protection around pipes, helping to maintain the desired temperature for water or other fluids and reduce the amount of heat lost or gained. Here at Brooksonline.ie, we have a comprehensive range of pipe insulation products tailored to fit your specific needs.

Types of Pipe Lagging


Tubolit is a well-known name in the pipe insulation world. It's a cost-effective solution for the thermal insulation of domestic heating and plumbing pipes. Products under this category are designed to protect against energy loss and also act as a protective layer against potential damage. They are available in various sizes, with thickness ranging from 9mm to 35mm. Typically, you'll find Tubolit products suitable for most residential applications, given their balance of affordability and effectiveness.


Another highly regarded name is Armaflex. Known for its high-quality material, Armaflex offers superior insulating properties. This range is especially renowned for its flexibility, making it a top choice for complex pipe systems or tight spaces. In addition, Armaflex insulation is designed to be robust and long-lasting, providing excellent protection against condensation and reducing energy losses. Its range offers thicknesses primarily between 9mm to 28mm, with a few variations depending on the specific needs.

How to Choose the Right Pipe Insulation

Selecting the appropriate insulation depends on several factors:

  1. Purpose: Are you insulating primarily for energy conservation, freeze protection, or noise reduction?
  2. Pipe Size: Measure the diameter of the pipe to ensure the insulation fits snugly.
  3. Environmental Conditions: If pipes are in areas prone to freezing, you'd need insulation with a higher resistance to cold.
  4. Budget: While both Tubolit and Armaflex offer excellent insulation properties, Tubolit is generally more budget-friendly, whereas Armaflex is known for its premium quality and higher price point.

In Conclusion

No matter your needs, our comprehensive range of pipe insulation products at Brooksonline.ie ensures you'll find the perfect fit. Whether you're leaning towards the affordability of Tubolit or the premium quality of Armaflex, investing in proper pipe insulation can save you significant amounts in energy bills and potential repairs down the line.

Remember, always consult with a plumbing professional if you're unsure about the best insulation for your specific requirements. Happy insulating!