Insulation Brands

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Insulation Brands

Insulation is a critical component in building and construction, serving to maintain indoor temperatures, reduce energy consumption, and enhance comfort. As insulation technology has advanced, several brands have emerged as leaders in the market, offering a diverse range of products tailored to different needs. At Brooks Online, we pride ourselves on stocking a comprehensive selection of top-tier insulation brands, ensuring our customers have access to the very best products.

Types of Insulation Products and Their Uses:

1. Rigid and Foam Board Insulation:

2. Mineral Wool Insulation:

  • Brands: Rockwool Insulation

    Made from natural minerals, this insulation type is widely used for its fire-resistance properties. It's commonly found in loft spaces, cavity walls, and partition walls.

3. Glass Wool Insulation:

  • Brands: Isover Insulation

    This is a lightweight insulation made from glass fibers. Often used in lofts, walls, and suspended floors, it provides good thermal and sound insulation.

4. Expanded Polystyrene Insulation:

  • Brands: Kore Insulation

    A versatile insulation, it's utilized in walls, floors, and roofs. It offers great moisture resistance and is popular for its ease of installation.

5. Natural Insulation:

  • Brands: Sheepwool Insulation

    As the name suggests, this insulation is derived from sheep's wool. It's eco-friendly, offers excellent thermal regulation, and is perfect for those looking for sustainable building solutions.

Guidance on Selection:

Choosing the right insulation largely depends on the specific needs of your project:

  • Thermal Performance: If maximum thermal resistance is what you're after, rigid and foam board insulations like Kingspan and Unilin (Xtratherm) are excellent choices.

  • Sound Insulation: For soundproofing purposes, mineral wool (Rockwool) and glass wool (Isover) insulations are top contenders.

  • Eco-friendly Solutions: For those keen on using sustainable materials, Sheepwool Insulation is a natural, environmentally-friendly option.

  • Ease of Installation: Expanded polystyrene options like Kore Insulation are popular for their ease of installation and versatility.

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When selecting the appropriate Isover Insulation product, consider the specific requirements of your project. For thermal insulation in lofts and roofs, Spacesaver Rolls are a versatile and efficient option, with the thickness determining the level of insulation. On the other hand, for acoustic insulation in partitions, the Acoustic Apr 1200 Partition Rolls offer a range of thicknesses to cater to different soundproofing needs.

Feel free to explore the Isover Insulation products further on Brooksonline, where detailed specifications and pricing information are available. Whether you are insulating a home, office, or specialized space, Isover Insulation offers a product that aligns with your insulation objectives, ensuring comfort, energy efficiency, and a quieter environment.