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Isover Insulation Category

Isover Insulation products are renowned for their high-quality thermal and acoustic insulation properties, ensuring optimal energy efficiency and comfort in both residential and commercial settings. Below, we delve into the types of Isover Insulation products available and their application areas.

Isover Spacesaver Rolls

Isover Spacesaver Rolls are a versatile solution for loft and roof insulation. These rolls come in different thicknesses, including 100mm, 150mm, and 200mm. The varying thicknesses are designed to accommodate different insulation requirements, enabling customers to select the most suitable product based on the level of thermal performance desired.

  • 100mm Rolls: These are suitable for basic insulation needs or to top up existing insulation, providing a balance between efficiency and economy, covering an area of 14.13 Sqm.
  • 150mm & 200mm Rolls: These offer enhanced thermal performance with thicknesses catering to more demanding insulation requirements, covering areas of 9.34 Sqm and 6.03 Sqm respectively.

The practicality of the Spacesaver Rolls lies in their adaptability to diverse spaces, ensuring effective insulation and contributing to energy savings.

Isover Acoustic Apr 1200 Partition Rolls

For those seeking superior acoustic insulation, the Isover Acoustic Apr 1200 Partition Rolls are an excellent choice. These rolls are available in various thicknesses, ranging from 25mm to 100mm, making them suitable for a multitude of applications where soundproofing is essential.

  • 25mm to 75mm Rolls: Ideal for standard partition walls, providing effective sound dampening and enhancing acoustic comfort in living and working spaces.
  • 100mm Rolls: This thickness is recommended for areas with higher acoustic requirements, such as home theaters, music studios, or offices where noise reduction is paramount.

Isover Acoustic Apr 1200 Partition Rolls are not only effective in sound insulation but also contribute to thermal insulation, making them a multifaceted solution for various environments.

Selecting the Appropriate Isover Insulation Product

When selecting the appropriate Isover Insulation product, consider the specific requirements of your project. For thermal insulation in lofts and roofs, Spacesaver Rolls are a versatile and efficient option, with the thickness determining the level of insulation. On the other hand, for acoustic insulation in partitions, the Acoustic Apr 1200 Partition Rolls offer a range of thicknesses to cater to different soundproofing needs.

Feel free to explore the Isover Insulation products further on Brooksonline, where detailed specifications and pricing information are available. Whether you are insulating a home, office, or specialized space, Isover Insulation offers a product that aligns with your insulation objectives, ensuring comfort, energy efficiency, and a quieter environment.