Arc PU-Fix Adhesive Foam Pack

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Pack contains 5 cans of Gun Grade Foam, 1 can of Foam Gun Cleaner and 1 high quality metal Foam Gun.
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Arc PU-Fix Adhesive Foam Pack

Unleash the Power of Precision Bonding with Arc PU-Fix Adhesive Foam Pack!

Revolutionize your construction projects with the Arc Foam Pack, a comprehensive solution that goes beyond just adhesive bonding. This pack, containing 5 cans of Gun Grade Foam, 1 can of Foam Gun Cleaner, and 1 high-quality metal Foam Gun, is your key to seamless and efficient construction endeavors.

Advantages Galore:

1. One-Stop Solution for Precision Bonding

  • Arc PU-Fix Foam is your go-to, moisture-cured, one-component polyurethane adhesive. Bond polystyrene thermal insulation boards and decorative construction elements with ease.

2. Versatility Unleashed

  • Enjoy excellent adhesion to most construction materials, ensuring your projects are not bound by limitations.

3. Craftsmanship Beyond Curing

  • Arc Foam doesn't just bond; it allows you to cut and paint after curing, giving you the freedom to unleash your creative touch.

4. UV Shield for Lasting Beauty

  • Shield your creations from the sun—Arc PU-Fix Foam should not be exposed to UV and can be covered with paint or plaster for lasting beauty.

5. Gun-Grade Precision, Easy Application

  • Applied with a gun, Arc Foam is easy to use and doesn't clog, even when the application is paused briefly. Experience uninterrupted precision.

6. Efficiency Redefined

  • Experience less cleaning hassle—changing the tube is faster, and the need for cleaning is reduced, making your workflow smoother.

Your Complete Cleaning Companion:

Arc Foam Gun & Foam Cleaner

  • Multipurpose Cleaning:

    • A ready-to-use cleaning aerosol designed for Arc Foams and Foam Guns, offering versatility in cleaning the gun, valves of the PU Foam Aerosol, and removal of uncured foam.
  • Effortless Attachment:

    • Equipped with an attachable spray nozzle, this cleaner can be used with normal cans, ensuring compatibility and convenience.

Revolutionize your construction experience with the Arc PU-Fix Adhesive Foam Pack—where precision meets efficiency for results that stand the test of time!

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