Arc Premium Mortar Plasticiser 5 ltr

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ARC Premium Mortar Plasticiser 5lt

Enhance Your Mortar with Double Strength Performance!

Are you tired of dealing with lime-related issues like bloom and efflorescence in your bricklaying and plastering projects? Look no further than Arc Extra Strength Mortar Plasticiser, a revolutionary double-strength liquid admixture designed to elevate your mortar mixes to new heights.

1. Double Strength Advantage - Enhance workability and freeze/thaw resistance effortlessly, ensuring your mortar stands the test of time.

3. Plasticising/Air-Entraining Marvel - Achieve optimal workability for bricklaying and plastering mortars without the hassle of incorporating lime.

4. Specially Selected Synthetic Surfactants - Manufactured from top-tier ingredients, ensuring superior performance and reliability in every mix.

5. Frost Resistance Boost - Guard your mortar against frost-induced damage by entraining air, delivering long-lasting results.

6. Independent Testing and Certification - Rest easy knowing that Arc Premium Mortar Plasticiser conforms to the stringent EN 934-3:T2 standard, with a CE mark guaranteeing quality.

7. Ready and Easy to Use - Save time and effort with a user-friendly product that's ready to go whenever you are.

8. Crack Reduction and Improved Adhesion - Experience reduced cracking and a superior bond, ensuring a flawless finish that lasts.

9. Economical Solution - Arc Premium Mortar Plasticiser offers excellent value for your money, delivering cost-effective results without compromising quality.

10. Consistency and Plasticity - Enjoy greater consistency and plasticity in your mortar, making your brickworks, masonry, and coatings projects a breeze.

11. Optimized Hydration Process - Improve the hydration process, resulting in high-quality plaster that enhances the overall performance of your mortar.

12. Improved Setting Time - Speed up your projects with Arc Premium Mortar Plasticiser's improved setting time, ensuring efficiency without sacrificing quality.

13. Chloride-Free Formulation - Ensure the longevity of your structures with a chloride-free formula that prioritizes the health and integrity of your mortar.

Upgrade your mortar game today with Arc Premium Mortar Plasticiser - where strength, quality, and ease of use converge for unmatched results!

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