How It Works:

Every time you install either Cedral Rivendale, Cedral Thrutone Smooth or Cedral Thrutone Textured fibre cement slates you can receive points*.

For every slate you use you will be allocated 1 point*.

These points can then be redeemed for Me2You Vouchers* once you have reached a certain tier.

3 Tiers - Bronze, Silver, Gold 

There are 3 tiers. In order to redeem a reward you will need to reach a certain level of points on or before the 1st of December 2024:

Tier 1 Bronze – Reward is €500* VOUCHER*. You must reach atleast 17,500 points. 

Tier 2 Silver – Reward is €700* VOUCHER*. You must reach atleast 24,500 points.

Tier 3 Gold – Reward is €1,250* VOUCHER*. You must reach atleast 35,000 points.

You must reach the qualifying number of points before you can redeem the reward associated with each tier.* Please note rewards are not cumulative. For instance, 24,500 points will only get you a €700 reward, not both a €500 and a €700 reward.

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